These 3D Paper Illusions Will Do Your Head In

Everyone likes a good illusion. Myself, I’m a sucker for card tricks, but I’ll settle for some old-fashioned sleight of hand with a camera, like these optical illusions put together by a fellow called “Djanii”. While simple, they still come off as extremely clever.

Each illusion involves the artist placing a cut-out photo onto a table. They then rotate and touch it so you can see that it is indeed just a photo — much like a magician rolling up his sleeves. Then, they interact with the photo and instead of it being a flat, two-dimensional image, it’s suddenly become a real object.

Sure, you could scrutinise each frame, looking for slight changes in positioning and lighting, but on a casual viewing it’s seamless.

The artist has a page on Facebook if you’d like to follow their work, though he or she hasn’t done much other than this clip.


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