Kogan Mobile Is Official

The Kogan Mobile thing that was sort of real, then not real, then real again, is now actually happening. Thinking it’s all a little ridiculous now? Me too. Follow me around the room, if you can.

This morning, a “rumour” emerged that Kogan would soon go into the telco business, reselling the Telstra network on a pre-paid basis. Telstra spent the afternoon debunking the “rumour“, saying that it wasn’t in bed with Kogan. This evening a story went to air on A Current Affair about the service, followed by a press release confirming the existence of Kogan Mobile. Riiight.

Anyway, it exists, and here’s the goddamn pre-paid pricing:

Kogan Mobile is powered by the Telstra Mobile Network running on the 850MHz band. It’s capable of average download speeds ranging from 550kbps to 3MBps.

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