Watch This: Why Dredd 3D Looks So Amazing

No matter what you thought of balls-to-the-wall action romp Dredd 3D, you can’t deny it looked amazing. Slo-Mo — the movie’s super-drug — meant that the world had to look like it was moving at one-percent its normal speed. That means creating some intense images to reflect what the characters are feeling. Here’s how the special effects artists did it.

Warning: mild spoilers

Motion artist Jon Thum sits down in this video to talk about what was real in the highly-stylised world of Dredd, and what was fake. Turns out, quite a lot of it was real. Like when that guy gets shot in the mouth? The blood he spits is the result of a squib going off in his mouth. Intense…

Check out the video for more awesome behind the scenes extras.

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