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Tom Cruise Looks Bloody Ridiculous In This Mechanical Battle Armour

I’m sure it’s meant to look exciting, thrilling even. Tom Cruise bolting hell for leather from an encroaching explosion, a mechanical suit strapped to his arms, legs and torso, providing support in all the important places. Unfortunately, due to a combination of his odd gait and crazy facial expression, it just looks a bit… meh.

Click the image above for a non-cropped, larger version.

The movie the still is from, however, sounds like it could be all kinds of excellent. It’s an adaptation of “All You Need Is Kill”, a novel by Japanese author Hiroshi Sakurazaka. It’s due out in early 2014 and along with Cruise, will star Emily Blunt and Australia’s own (and appropriately named) Kick Gurry.

According to a story on the Anime News Network, the novel is about a “battle-armoured soldier who finds himself dying and reincarnating over and over again”, which pretty much describes ever first person shooter in existence.

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Image: Sanspo

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