Steam's Autumn Sale Brings Some Incredible Gaming Deals

The only thing I love more than Steam (take note, industry, this is how you stop piracy), is a Steam sale. Steam’s Autumn sale has just kicked off, and there are some truly astounding deals on games right now. Here’s the lowdown on what you can get for cheap.

A lot of these deals are only going for a limited time, so get in fast. There will be new deals every 48 hours. All prices here are in $US, and the bold accents are our pick for must-buy games.

• XCOM: Enemy Unknown — $US46.89 (down from $US69.99)
• Magic The Gathering: Dunes Of The Planewalkers — $US4.99 (down from $US9.99)
• The Walking Dead — $US12.49 (down from $US24.99)
• Darksiders II — $US16.99 (down from $US49.99)
• Age of Empires III Complete Edition — $US9.99 (down from $US39.99)
• Terraria — $US3.39 (down from $US9.99)
• Operation: Flashpoint Franchise — $US13.74 (down from $US54.99)
• Limbo — $US2.49 (down from $US9.99, ends at 3pm AEDT)
• Skyrim: Dawnguard — $US16.74 (down from $US24.99)
• ARMA II: Combined Operations — $US17.99 (down from $29.99, Day Z gets even cheaper)
• Torchlight II — $US14.99 (down from $US19.99)

There are a bunch more on Steam for sale, so make sure you trawl through the page to get some sweet deals. [Steam]

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