New iPhone Apps: Vyclone, Checkmark, And More

In this week’s instalment of the best iPhone apps, we’re getting you organised. There’s a reminders app, a new social contacts app, and much more to help you get things done.

Checkmark: It’s so easy to forget those mundane things you have to do every day — pick up the dry cleaning, wash the car, drop off a prescription. Checkmark, however, is a location-based reminders app that will send you a notification based on where you are, so you never have an excuse to space on your errands. $0.99

Vyclone: The day after a party, you end up comparing all your pics with your friends. But what if you could combine a bunch of video clips taken by a bunch of people into one movie? Vyclone lets you do that, from every perspective. Free

Brewster: There are about a dozen ways you can get a hold of someone, which makes for a messy address book. organisation on your own is tedious, but Brewster pulls together all of your contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, your address book, and more into one place. It’s not available in the Australian iTunes Store yet, so break out your US accounts if you’ve got ’em. Free

History Here: This is a good one to download for any trips you might be taking this summer. Using your phone’s GPS, it gives you relevant historical facts about thousands of places across the U.S. as you pass through them. So when you’re walking the streets of New York you can say “hey! that’s where Teddy Roosevelt lived!” It’s not available in the Australian iTunes Store yet, so break out your US accounts if you’ve got ’em. Free

Dark Knight Rises Z+: Just in time for the release of the final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy comes an augmented audio app that makes you feel like you’ve been dropped in the middle of Gotham City. Listen to the Hans Zimmer-penned soundtrack, hear unreleased and exclusive tracks, and commentary from both Nolan and the aforementioned composer. Free

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