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The Old And New MacBook Pro Compared

Compare the size: the old MacBook Pro on the left versus the next-generation MacBook Pro on the right. The new laptop is much thinner than the old one. Have a look.

These are the numbers, old vs new:

Height: 0.95 inches (2.41cm) vs 0.71 inches (1.8cm)
Width: 14.35 inches (36.4cm) vs 14.13 inches (35.89cm)
Depth: 9.82 inches (24.9cm) vs 9.73 inches (24.71cm)
Weight: 5.6 pounds (2.56kg) vs 4.46 pounds (2.02kg)

And seven hours of battery? And 8GB? And 256GB SSD? And retina graphics? I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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