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How To Cram An Entire Room Into A Box

Somewhere in the grey area between architecture and gadgets lies the room-in-a box — an unholy chimera of comfortable seating and multi-tool functionality. Our friends at Oobject have assembled twelve of the best-designed examples of these portable domiciles.

Also check out these examples of instant architecture, some other examples of ant architecture, and these 15 odd pods.

Casulo Room In A Box

Lounge In A Box

Planet 3 Studios: Office In A Box

Z Box By Dan Hisel

Mobile Wooden Venue By Cristina Monteiro

Toshihiko Suzuki Architectural Furniture

Sleepbox A Tiny Room In A Box For Airports And Stations

Portable Room In A Box

Shopping Cart Pop Up Camper

My Space Fold Up Play Space

Boxetti Bedroom In A Box

Pull-Out Dining Room

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