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The Greatest Secret Booze Stash In The World

You might think you were tricky during high school with half a water bottle filled with vodka stuffed under your mattress, but this is a high-level liquor vault. The New York Times reveals a Prohibition architectural gem.

After buying a home in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighbourhood — where even babies drink the finest of wines without fear of the law — architect Eric Schiller discovered a hidden hatch in his stairway. With only a small hole to pry it open, the secret door revealed “a four-foot-deep (1.2m) space lined with shelves and containing a ladder down which a relatively nimble individual could have made his way to retrieve a well-concealed bottle of port or aged whiskey.” No word if there was any century-old hooch down there, or just how extremely nightmarish it would be to accidentally lock yourself in a four-foot-deep liquor cabinet buried in the floor. [NYT]

Photo: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

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