Best Mobile Of 2011 Gizmodo Award Winners!

There simply wasn’t a more heavily contested category in 2011 than smartphones, with a new “better” model seemingly every week. But which phone was the absolute best? You’ve voted, and the winner is…

Reader’s Choice: Samsung Galaxy S II

The Galaxy S II was the clear popular favourite; throughout the voting process it never had anything less than 40 per cent of the vote. It ended up with a hefty 44.17 per cent share of the votes. It ended up a two-horse race, with the iPhone 4S taking 33.41 per cent. That left everything else in the single digits; the bronze goes to the Google Nexus S with 4.04 per cent.

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Editor’s Choice: Samsung Galaxy S II

Despite the clear voting, there were a number of phones I considered for the Editor’s Choice gong; the iPhone 4S continued a run of generally excellent iOS phones, Nokia’s N9 showed what could have been with Meego… and so on. But I to came to the same conclusion as the readership. Despite the extraordinary number of phones released this year, there were really only a few genuine standout candidates, and none stood out more than the Samsung Galaxy S II, a well deserving reader and editor’s choice double award winner.

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