Does The New Xbox 360 Dashboard Look Familiar To You?

This spring, the Xbox 360 gets a sexy new dashboard update, giving the service a look and feel that should be incredibly familiar to both Windows Phone 7 owners and folks that have gotten a peek at Windows 8.

Microsoft is in the midst of a torrid love affair with squares and rectangles. They put content into squares. Then they pack those squares into rectangles. Then they make bigger rectangles out of those rectangles. I get it. I understand the attraction. I’m a big fan of boxes myself. They are a fine way to organise things.

I suppose it’s about time that Microsoft begin presenting a united front. This is what the Windows Phone 7 interface wants to look like. It’s what the new touchscreen tablet and PC version of Windows 8 looks like, so by gum it should be what Xbox Live looks like.

Republished from Kotaku

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