Thursday, September 9, 2010
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Lightning Review: Exolife, The First iPhone 4 Battery Case

The privilege of being first to market with any tech means you’re the only choice for people who want what you’re offering. Exogear’s iPhone 4 battery case is in this lucky position. The good news? It’s actually well done.

The 7 Parts That Make Up The New iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano certainly lives up to its name – it has a 1.54-inch touchscreen and very little else. iFixit blasted it open with a heat gun and found more screws (11) than parts (7) inside. [iFixit]

625 Volts Of Third Rail Juice No Match For Street-Fighting Man

Ever wonder what it’s like to fall on the third rail? Just ask Andy Morris, who was thrown onto the tracks in East New York: “He first started twitching and then you started seeing smoke coming from his head.” Ouch.

4x As Many People Googling On Phones In Past Year

If you’ve been using Google Search on your phones, pat yourself on the back – you’ve given Google another reason to smile this week. Their director of product management revealed the news yesterday at the Citi Technology Conference. [AllThingsD]

Best Buy Will Sell Kindles

Amazon’s reader behemoth is about to get a little more behemoth-y, as Best Buy will begin selling Kindles later in the year. With the devices already selling out, we can only imagine what the nation’s largest electronics retailer will do for sales. [CrunchGear]

A Full Year Of Algebra Class On Your iPad

Tablets have the potential to topple stacks of textbooks, but it can’t happen until publishers start cramming entire curricula into apps. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s new Algebra 1 app, which has a full year’s worth of material, is the first attempt.

Censorship Stays As iPhone App Development Rules "Relax"

In a surprising announcement – after receiving a mountain of criticism – Apple has announced that they “are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create apps” and “publishing app review guidelines”. That’s good. The bad: Arbitrary censorship stays.

ARM Cortex-A15 Will Make Your iPhone 4 Look Decrepit

ARM is the company you can thank for your smartphone’s heroic guts; their chip architecture underpins Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, Samsung’s Hummingbird and the iPhone 4. Soon, you can also thank them for making those chips five times more powerful with Cortex-A15.

iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Close, Bootrom Exploit Confirmed

Mere hours after iOS 4.1 became available, an iPhone Dev-Team user Pod2g found a bootrom exploit, meaning that the new update is indeed jailbreakable. However, this one differs – and could cause Apple a lot of pain.

Toys With Mental Illnesses - Seriously

“Oh, what gift to offer the bipolar six-year-old nephew this Christmas… I know! These German toys with mental illnesses would please the little tyke. Would he like the depressive turtle Dub, Kroko the water-phobic crocodile or the personality disorder-affected sheep Dolly?

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