Do You "Get" The Chrome OS?

Today we got our first glimpse at Google’s Chrome OS and learned what it’s all about. So let’s start a discussion about some of the big issues.

1. First and foremost, do you “get” what Google is trying do do here? Does it make sense? Is it a good idea?

2. Google OS will be available first on netbooks and ONLY on netbooks starting in a year. Do you think netbooks will even be relevant a year from now?

3. Google also mentions that the first generation of the Chrome OS will focus on secondary machines. Do you even have a need for a secondary machine, or is one computer with a traditional OS enough?

4. Google notes that web browsing is the most important function of a computer . Without it, many of us probably wouldn’t use a computer in the first place. So my question is, how much of your time spent on a computer is completely offline?

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