Tuesday, January 20, 2009
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The SniPod Touch: When Apps Go Deadly

This official US Army M110 Sniper Rifle has all the necessary accouterments: long barrel, scope, and an iPod touch.

Lego Obama Presidential Inauguration Brings Hope to Bricks Too

There’s also hope and change in the land of the brick: Behold the Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama in Lego bricks, complete with every single character that will be at the Capitol, including Lego Oprah.

Terry Pratchett Battles Alzheimer's With Retro-Futurist Headgear

Legendary author Sir Terry Pratchett might have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the real world, but his prototype anti-dementia helmet looks like the stuff of science fiction.

CBS's 'Worst Week' Mistakes iPod for iPhone, Sends Nerdier Viewers into Convulsions

‘Worst Week’ is apparently some kind of adapted British show about a guy whose life sucks, or something. I don’t know. All I do know is that this guy’s iPhone is not an iPhone.

Metal 'Portraits' Make an Optical Illusion Out of Your Face

Sculptor Brian Cox has made a hobby out of turning people’s faces into a real-life, stainless steel Rubin vase illusions. Novelty gifts, as a whole, now have a new standard for, well, novelty.

PSP Gets 5.03 Update

The Sony PSP just got the 5.03 firmware update, which improves stability somewhere, somehow. Enjoy the photo of Jessica Chobot licking a PSP, because it’s 1AM here. [PSP Blog via Kotaku]

Ustream's iPhone Viewer App Now Live In Time For the Inauguration

That Ustream viewer app we talked about is now live in the iPhone App Store, free for your downloading pleasure. Get it now to avoid disappointment tomorrow morning. [App Store]

Japanese Security Firm Yaroo's Logo Looks Suspiciously Familiar

Apparently China isn’t the only place where popular logos seem to be mysteriously borrowed by other businesses. You don’t have to search too far to find Tokyo security firm Yaroo’s inspiration.

Daywriter Nightwriter Shelves Help You Write Pretty Passive Aggressive Missives

Billing itself as interactive furniture, this Daywriter/Nightwriter functions both as a shelf and a dry-erase board. It also seems like a great way to make passive aggressive notes towards your roommates look vaguely artistic.

Anti-Static Shoes Will Make Sure Rich Bachelors Cling to You

All you entrepreneurial gold-digging nurses out there, listen up. Your efforts to marry that rich, sick dude are for nothing if you don’t have this handy object in your repertoire: anti-static shoes. [Japan Probe]

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