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BBQ Grill Casemod is Cookin' Up Some Gaming Goodness

With all of the heat a serious gaming rig can produce, it was only a matter of time before someone got the bright idea to turn a grill into a PC case. There isn’t any information as far as specs are concerned, but we can see that this QuakeCon competitor has a decent sized monitor mounted inside the lid with some orange glowing fans in the range representing hot coals. It’s a nice casemod—but unless he has some sort of setup that can cook burgers with processor heat I’m not all that impressed.

Quantum Computers One Step Closer Thanks To Silicon Chip Breakthrough

Quantum computers are almost considered as the Holy Grail of computing, with power that blows away anything we can see on the market today. Now, a team of scientists working on creating the world’s first quantum computer have taken a big step towards their goal.

The team has created a silicon chip that can control and observe a single electron. What makes that useful? Well, according to Susan Angus, who’s leading the scientific team, “Building a quantum computer involves perfect control of the most fundamental properties of our universe. Controlling and observing individual electrons is an important step towards that goal.” Being able to control individual electrons gives some of that control.

Instead of using binary to transfer information, Quantum computers will use quantum physics, which (from my very, very limited understanding), lets information be transferred even when the computer is switched off.

If you’re struggling to get your head around the idea, you’re not alone. However, the guys at Science in Public have a pretty good grasp on the whole situation, so it’s definitely worth a trip on the link express to try and gain some insight into why this is important.

[Science in PublicThanks Niall!]

Delay Clock Tells Time, Looks Pretty and Pointy

The Delay Clock looks complex and threatening, but if you take a look at where the three circles (hour, minute and second) meet near the middle, you can find the time pretty easily. This arty Dutch clock is made from stainless steel and aluminium, and its cogs are a more essential part of the design than others we’ve seen. I really hope it doesn’t have an alarm, because smacking this thing in the morning would be the rudest wakeup ever. This danger to life, internal organ, and limb from Studio Bloomm is priced at a hefty $1,962. [DVICE]

College Student Arrested After Installing Webcam Spy Software On Woman's Laptop

A 23-year-old student named Craig Feigin is facing possible felony charges in Florida for allegedly putting spyware of the worst kind on up to 10 women’s laptop computers. The programs, which he apparently wrote himself, would cause the integrated webcams on the laptops take snapshots at certain times when a person was close and upload them to a server on the Internet, where he would be able to browse them at will. This included several photos of at least one woman in various states of undress. The moral of the story: Make sure you trust your computer repair geek, or at least keep an eye on what they’re doing to your machines. [Ars]

iRobot Gets Revenge On Former Employee By Selling His Stolen Robot Design

The story between iRobot and former employee Jameel Ahed has everything: military robots, betrayal, lies, stolen plans, lawsuits, big money, private investigators and destroyed evidence. But up until now there was one critical element missing…revenge. iRobot has completed that final act in this real-life drama by stealing back the “Negotiator” robot that Ahed made with their stolen plans and marketing it to police forces and other safety organisations around the country.

YouTube's Beijing Channel Not Available In Australia

The Olympics start tomorrow, and if you’re not yet excited by the idea of athletes pushing themselves to the limit in a country where the cabs are bugged and the towns are filled with gadget refuse, then you never will be.

Because of the similarity in time zones between China and Australia, there are going to be a lot of people wasting their work day watching the games. Telstra have an agreement with Channel 7 to show Olympic coverage over their NextG mobiles, Yahoo7 will also have online video streaming of the games.

If, however, you got excited by the Reuters article detailing the IOCs decision to showcase games highlights on YouTube, you’re destined for disappointment – the YouTube channel isn’t available to Australians, thanks to the Yahoo!7 deal.

Let’s just hope that Yahoo!7 doesn’t drop the ball when it comes to their Olympic video coverage – Channel 7 have never been known for their willingness to offer users what they want, when they want it

Someone's Dragon Collection Melted on this Gears of War Xbox 360

Sure we like the design, but we love that despite the muddy, spontaneous pewter finish of this homemade Gears of War Xbox 360, the creator very carefully negotiated all of the Xbox’s machined ventilation holes. All-in-all, it’s a pretty decent-looking mod, and those red lights are actually pretty quite when they’re not signaling a melted 360. galleryPost("gowxbox360", 3, ""); [Llama’s]

Retromodo: 'Sun Lamp Held In Hand Brands Babies'

Medgadget found this 1938 issue of Popular Science with a really, really fun baby branding gadget designed to make sure hospital mixups were a thing of the past. Did it work? Oh, I’m sure it did. Did it eliminate hospital baby mixups? No, because somebody somewhere along the line thought it was a bad idea. We say bring this back! I don’t want to raise some dirty stranger’s baby for five years before I discover that he or she is not mine. [Medgadget]

Wingwalking Couple Weds Atop Their Own Individual Speeding Biplanes

Apparently a proposal in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest wasn’t enough for Brits Darren McWalters and Katie Hodgson, seen here taking their vows under the guise of a rearward-facing wing-mounted priest above the English countryside. The magic words were exchanged with a combination of hand signals and radio headsets, which were also simulcast to guests on the ground. From the looks of the video below, it seems like things went off without a hitch.

Garmin Opens Shop In Australia

A spot of industry news for you on a Thursday morning: Garmin – whose products were previously distributed in Australia by GME – has opened up shop in Australia.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, it means that there’s a good chance we’ll see Garmin’s range of GPS devices arrive on our shores quicker and cheaper than before. Plus, they’re likely to release more of their products over here, so hopefully you can expect to see things like the Astro GPS dog-collar on store shelves in the near future. And with the nuvifone set to come out next year, having the parent company on our shores greatly increases the chances that we won’t have to wait for years to get it ourselves…

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